Who am I? What is this Blog about? Who am I writing and vloging for?

Every Blog has an introduction page of the author and this is no exception.

Coucou tout le monde!

My name is Fabi. I am creative. Well I used to be until… well… life happened and somehow, I lost touch with all the wonderful things I used to make, be it cooking, had crafts or any other creative thing that I came across.

This blog is where I shall document my adventures and give them life in a creative numeric way. I will be experimenting with all kinds of editing, be it writing, taking pictures and vloging. Who knows, maybe one day I will become famous with some random adventurous and creative moment in my life. This should definitely be documented!

So welcome to my very creative Diary.

Lastly, if you come across different languages in this blog, do not fret. As I said above, I am creative, and so I express myself in different tongues.

Big bisous


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